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「こころスマイルプロジェクト」1年分の(1)支援事業費 (B) 学童支援/必要分品等の予算詳細

kokoro smile
kokoro smile

kokoro smile
kokoro smile


このプロジェクトの詳しい情報は: こころスマイル事業概要または、Kokoro Smile Project にてご確認ください。




Hello Everyone!

BRIDGE is glad to announce that our very first donation will go to Kokoro Smile Project located in Ishinomaki, Sendai.

kokoro smile

Once the goal of  724,920 yen is reached, we will make a donation for the running cost of the project that includes study materials for about 6 months.

Kokoro Smile, provides emotional care to children bearing wounds in their hearts due to the sudden loss of their parents or relatives to the earthquake and tsunami.

Kids between 5 and 15 years old receive special care and as they play with each other, they can open up and deal with feelings in a smoother way. Also, their parents and guardians have their own personal time, while the kids are in the Kokoro Smile center.

To us, this is a special project because we feel that sometimes, feelings, traumas and suffering from PTSD (-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder- which is very common after a disaster of such scale) is not a fact that people are aware of and this is not a subject that is often spoken about.

For that reason, we would like not only to offer financial help, but also highlight and raise awareness to such problems.

The Kokoro smile -Support for Kids Care Program- assists from 12 to 15 kids and the founder of BRIDGE Emi Renata, visited the center and spend the day with the director Ms. Shimura and the kids. After the funds have been donated we will make another visit to check on the project`s progress and report it on our official website and social network medias.

For more information click here → Kokoro Smile Project