About Us

“It takes one person to start and everyone to make a difference”

Who we are

BRIDGE is an organization focused on raising funds for charities which support humanitarian relief, education and women’s support and empowerment.

Our mission is to channel resources to selected charities, raise public awareness by disseminating information on assistance needs, to help reduce waste through a simple platform where everyone can contribute to important causes.

In Japan, options for donating clothing or unwanted goods are limited and difficult to access. 

We seek to bridge this gap by uniting donors and charity organizations, making donating, accessible, convenient and satisfying by collecting donations from our supporters and selling on an online store to which people can donate by shopping.

Our supporters are people such as celebrities, artists, singers, models, stylists, makeup artists and bloggers, who will be our main donors.

How we work

Diagram How We Work 1

Items are donated by contributors. Those items are sold on our online store. Once the selected goal is reached, BRIDGE will donate the raised funds.

As we run independently without sponsorship, a small amount is deducted for operating costs – which we strive to keep to a minimum.

Post donation, we monitor how effectively the funds are utilised and provide updates on each project’s progress here on the BRIDGE website. At the end of each fiscal year we fully disclose a detailed financial report.

Organizations and Foundations

Our focus is on:

・Humanitarian relief in emergencies, helping people whose lives have been impacted by natural disasters.

・Providing education for people and communities in need, to be self sustainable.

・Female support and empowerment.

Every organization chosen by BRIDGE to participate in our fundraising program is carefully researched. We collect details and reports including, how and where the funds will be spent. From there we will choose one specific project to support. We also share information on other charity projects to raise awareness and connect people with wider projects around the world.

Online Store

We sell fashion items such as used or new women’s and men’s clothes, accessories, shoes, bags and other fashion goods and also books and interior goods.

Customers have the opportunity to purchase exclusively donated products that belonged to, or have been specially recommended by our main contributors.

Some of our products are rare, top branded, vintage, tailor made, unique pieces, therefore unavailable through regular stores.

“We wish to connect people together for a mutual benefit”

Our Staff


Emi Renata - Founder&Producer

I was born and raised in Brazil and growing up in a poor country having a difficult financial condition always made me conscious of how many people need help.

Becoming a model in Japan was a blessing for me and my family and I felt the need to give back some of those good things I have received.

My wish is to connect people so, as one, we can change peoples lives.

That is why I ask for your support.

Join us on this journey and together we can make a difference!


Carolina Kaneda - Director

I was born in Brazil and moved to Japan when I was 7 years old. My parents decided to come to Japan because of the many difficulties we had in Brazil to support ourselves. Coming to Japan was an opportunity and since then I’ve been given many great opportunities, now I would like to give back some of those good things I’ve received along the years to someone else.

We need one person to start, but we need everyone’s help to actually make a difference.

That is why I would like to ask for your help to support BRIDGE Fundraising Project.

Tomoko Sekine - Management

I was born and brought up in Japan. Since early times I wanted to do volunteer work, but I have never had an opportunity to do so. I’ve kept doing my part by donating money when I find a collection box and sending clothes to other countries, but I always wondered if I was being helpful or not, because only thing I did, was nothing more than to ship the packages.

Donation is very common overseas, but in Japan most of the people might be thinking: “I want to do something, but don’t know how to start” or “I don’t know what happens after the donation is made”.

When I heard about this project, first step I took was talk and listen to people who already act in field in order to get information of what is really needed, search for the best project to send the donations to and figure it out what’s going on. Working on this subject, once again, I could realize that there are a lot of people in need in Japan.

I wish this project to be the “BRIDGE” to connect people to vitalization.

Supporters of this project? It is not only the BRIDGE’s members, it’s all of us, including you!

Andreia Fujii - M. Assistant

I am Brazilian too and living in my home country was not that easy, but I remember, even in very difficult financial circumstances, my family used to help people in need by donating clothes or care packages.

I moved to Japan with my parents for better conditions of life and so much has changed since then. I’ve received so many good opportunities I could never have if I was in Brazil.

When the girls introduced me this amazing project plan, it touched my heart and  I felt somehow it was something I needed to do to express my gratitude for the country.

I think there are a lot of people interested in charity, but don’t know how to start or where to go. If you’re one of them, come join us and let’s fight for a better world.

“Take action!” There are always something you can do!

In closing, I would like to give a big thank you to Emi and Carolina for letting me join and walk together on this journey.



BRIDGE would like to send a special thank you to some of the people who helped making this project possible:


Francois Lachance


Lewis Tan

Mateus Bagatini

James Le Poidevin

Nathan Berry



Akina Shimizu




Ryusuke Muto


Sayori Wada

Johnny Ishibashi


Bruce Yuki

Fabio Henrique Sakai

Akira Maeda

Sakimi Kanda

Port Of Call

Hisayoshi Osawa

Alda Fujii



My Little Box

Emi Meyer

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